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vmware cluster metrics


Please add vmware cluster metrics like the cluster CPU and memory. I have the VMware monitoring and I see the cluster with the specific hosts, but the overall cluster metrics would be really good.


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

This is currently available if you link your VMware environment to Dynatrace as you can see from the screen shot it give me an overview of each ESXi host and the resource usage associated with it. if you click in you can see the vms and the consumption of each.


We also have this configured, I was looking for the summary of the cluster resources. I can get that from the custom chart for those clusters with 8 or fewer hosts, would be good to have this on the vmware page(s).

Ahh yes, this is currently not possible via the custom charts and tiles. I would recommend putting in a RFE stating you use case. From there it will get reviewed and hopefully implemented.


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