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write Server related BT in DYnatrace Managed ] urgent.



we are in the process of writing the existing BT [ from APPmon 7.0] to New Dynatrace Managed tool. we have few BTs which are written in the Server side [ screenshot 1]. do let me know where /how can i write the samein nw Dynatrace managed.


screenshots attached.






screenshot attached

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Screenshots are still missing. In general in Dynatrace you have two tools for business transaction. First is custom service which will help you measuring merformance of particular piece of code (the same as BT). If Dynatrace will not detect this peace by default or you have to have some part as separate thing.

The second thing are requests attributes. You have here some extra options that were not available in Appmon like catching post variables. But you can use as well java .net method arguments return values etc. you can extract values from code the same like in Appmon.

When you will configure it and you will se that in service of your choice request attributes are available (or if you will not use them, just go to service that is important to you) and create multidimensional analysis. You have to remember that each measure there has multiple dimensions. This allow you making similar business or performance charts like in Appmon.

If you are measuring performance of whole service or custom service than you will be able to add it to dashboard as well. For business data you will have to wait to the moment when you will have option of defining custom metrics based on those data. Than they will be available for dashboards as well.


Regards, Sebastian

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