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When will Personal Access Tokens be revoked?

Will Personal Access Tokens automatically get revoked?If so in which case? Only when the user is deleted, or will certain scopes also be revoked, e.g. if the user loses settings permissions? I did a quick test were the personal access token was still...

Resolved! Create User Group with Management Zone level permissions

Hi everybody, I hope someone here can help me here: I would like to create User Groups with permissions just for certain Management Zones in Environments, but in Dynatrace Help for Cluster api v1 (Cluster API v1 | Dynatrace Help) where is no descript...

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Resolved! How to retrieve Host Availability metrics via REST API

Hi, In our environment, we have a requirement to extract the Host last reboot time from AppMon, as well as Dynatrace (Managed). I have been able to do so via a REST API call for AppMon, but Dynatrace Managed appears to be more challenging. In Managed...

Resolved! Trigger new memory dump by schedule or by API call

Hello community!Can i trigger new memory dump by schedule or by Dynatrace API call?I have tried to look throw documentation, but can`t find something.Please confirm that there is no such functional or correct me. Thank you.Regards,Alexander

Resolved! Cluster "Event Log" through API?

It seems that it is possible to get the Managed "Audit Log" through API, despite still not having used it: anyone know if it's possible to ge...

Retrieve host total memory via API

The API only allows one to retrieve memory available (com.dynatrace.builtin:host.mem.available) and memory used (com.dynatrace.builtin:host.mem.used), I don't see an option for total memory. Am I right in saying that to get total memory, I could simp...

Python Script as API Connector (BMC Truesight Events)

Our client uses BMC Truesight to get the event feeds for their environment. Currently they are using AppDynamics and we are pushing for conversion to Dynatrace. The problem with Dynatrace in this situation is, we cannot use logical operators inside t...