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Action property vs Session property


Currently we're looking to record when a user clicks a feedback rating.  That will require us to set up either an action property, a session property, or both.  What I want to know is, "What's the difference?"  Why would I use an action property over a session property, the reverse, or both?  Thanks.


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Hi @jasonwismer . The basic difference is the table you are storing the properties and how will you query this properties in USQL. 

  • User action property: The data is stored in the defined property on the user action level for each user action where the RUM JavaScript can retrieve the metadata.
  • User session property. The most recent captured value is stored in the defined property on a session level.

Also, if you are planing to create custom metrics based on the USQL results, the table useractions can not be used, so this may guide you to store the properties as session instead user action.

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