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Adobe Analytics - differences with Dynatrace RUM

As an IT in the monitoring team area I'm currently working on Dynatrace Managed on a daily basis.

Out of the blue I'm asked to compare functionality between the two platforms for the analytics capabilities (one of which I know very well [Dynatrace], the other in which I have 0 knowledge [Adobe].


I wonder if I can have some support in order to make a first triage of the macro differences and what functionality overlaps.


Thanks in advance for anyone who will contribute!


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

unfortunately i don't have any info on this. A great place to start would be Adobe and Dynatrace Promotional materials as to what they do then you could drill down more from there?


I've built a comparison table between set of common metrics that you can find on both platform.

I haven't been able to access any Adobe Analytics platform so this is as far as I could get 🙂

Hey that's a start right? are you able to share that chart with the community? 


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Just some random thoughts,

Be it Adobe Analytics or Google Analytics, in my opinion there is one big difference between all of them and Dynatrace, when using RUM through OneAgent:

  • Dynatrace RUM is served as a first party resource. Other RUM solutions are served as 3rd party resources. So, if you are monitoring, the RUM Javascript for Dynatrace comes from, while others don't. What is the major impact? A lot of (and more and more) users are using blockers for certain 3rd parties, and a lot of them block these 3rd parties by default. So, if you are using other solutions, you won't see a lot of users in their statistics...

Of course, if you use Agentless RUM by Dynatrace, it will also be a third party.

As you are a Managed user, your are probably being asked also for internal aplications. Internal users of those applications might also be blocked sending RUM data to Adobe, so that might be another issue.

Antonio Sousa

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