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Alerting on frustrating user sessions

Concerning alerting on Frustrating user sessions I've created a metric through USQL to be alerted on and the application owner being notified.

Is there another tested practical way to alert on Frustrating user sessions in Dynatrace.



DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

@Peter_Youssef at this point in time it does not exist in the product to be alerted on those values. 😞 I recommend tossing in a RFE for this if it is a core need for your organization. 


@ChadTurner not true, this is possible using current functionality.
@Peter_Youssef you can create user session query metric for frustrated sessions and then use Metric events to alert on the metric.

For example:


add filtering conditions as desired. Or you can use the userExperienceScore as dimension and then you can have counts with satisfying/tolerating/fustrating user experience.

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I stand corrected, I was looking just at the custom metrics section. thanks @Julius_Loman 


I just noticed the only downside is it will cost DDUs - but if you have the funding why not lol 


Great solution!


One thing to keep in mind when using User Experience Score is that it is a session level metric, so if there are multiple applications within the session, another application could be the primary driver for the frustrated experience. It is worth reviewing the User Experience Score settings to ensure they're configured correctly for your use case (eg. turn off the "If last user action in a session is classified as frustrating, classify the entire session as frustrating" option if you do not wish for one action to mark an entire session as frustrated).

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