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Angular 5 Support

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

When will Dynatrace officially support Angular 5 which was released in November 2017.

Angular 5 Release Announcement


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

We are actively working on Angular5 support. It will be supported very soon. I hope we can release it in February.

Thanks Alexander. Will this be ported to AppMon at the same time? See this topic re: AppMon support.

@Alexander S.

Is the release still planned for February? We deployed managed at a customer this week. One of the apps is using Angular 5, so it would be great if I could give an updated timeframe to the customer.

Unfortunate we will not be able to release full angular 5 support in february. New target is April (Angular 5 and 6).

But if the app is still using the old http client it will work. Dynatrace is just not supporting the new http client.

Thanks for the Update, the app is brand new with angular 5 and we are not getting User Actions, so I assume they are using the new HttpClientModule.

Hi @Alexander S,

I had antoher meeting with the customer last week where they asked me for this. Is there a target release already?

Last week we detected some big issues with the new production build of Angular 5 :-(. Starting with Angular 5, by default the ng build
now incorporates the vendor.bundle.js chunk inside the main.bundle.js, which
does not expose http functionality for us to wrap.
Current goal is to have support with Sprint 145 which will go to production in May.

At the moment generic XHR and Fetch is the only way to support Angular 5. For some apps this might me good enough.

Hi Alexander,

Is your goal for May still on track? How about
Angular 6 (it's only release candidate now) ? Is session replay expected
to work for these our-of-the-box?


Andrew M.

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Angular 5 support will be released with AppMon 7.1.3 which is currently planned on May 14th 2018. Please be aware that you might need to add a code snippet - details will follow in the documentation:

@Dominik P.

That's great to hear. What about Dynatrace SaaS/Managed though?

Hi Dominik, thanks for the update! I take it this is for the AppMon agent only and not Classic?

Andrew M.

The JS code that is injected does not depend on classic or appmon agent - it will work in both scenarios.

The JS code that is injected does not depend on classic or appmon agent - it will work in both scenarios.

Hey Dominik,

Glad to see support for Angular 5 in the latest AppMon release. I had a question on what exactly is required for implementation. The docs say "please add the flag „--vendor-chunk=true“ at build time to support auto-instrumentation. Otherwise use the snippet below."

If we add the flag, is that all that is required to support auto-instrumentation?

Lower down in the Angular section there is another piece of text "If your application module doesn‘t import the HttpClientModule, you must adapt the module file as well." I'm wondering if this additional step is required for all Angular 5 apps.



If you enable the flag the agent should be able automatically to instrument it. If for any reason this does not work you should use the code snippets below as a guidence to get Dynatrace access to the angular modules.


How about for AppMon 7.0, has the Angular 5 support been release in an update? Aren't the JavaScript agents kept the same between 7.0 and 7.1? I cannot find any info in the release notes (

Hi Jonathan,

We are pushing updates regularly to dynatrace, and AppMon.

Indeed there is support for Angular 5 in AppMon version 7.1.3 and is in the release notes here. You can migrate from AppMon 7 to 7.1 for the full support.

Hope it addresses it for you,