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Angular 5 instrumentation

Hello folks,

I need to instrument a JavaScript class, called "sessionContextService", to get the object of this class from the client's data. How can I do this? JavaScript is implemented by the version 5 angular framework.

Thank you so much!!!

Best wishes



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

The only thing you can do is using session properties or custom user action. Session property can be configured in Dynatrace GUI. You can get value from css selector, metadata, js variable or cookie. So from this point you will have put value that you need to one of those elements by modifying angular code.

You can create user action as well via js api, interesting value can be set as action name (for example). For analysis better is first approach. There is no option to instrument js code the same as you can do it with java , .net etc


Regards, Sebastian

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