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Apdex settings for Mobile native apps?


I do not see any Apdex data in our Dynatrace Managed environment for user actions coming from the iOS and Android mobile apps that we have instrumented, and I see not Apdex settings in the application definition screens. I am told, however, that this information should be available (apparently it is showing up in a SaaS environment that another customer is utilizing)... I need to understand why this information is missing and how to enable it.



Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

That feature described here was released in version 153 which started rolling out to SaaS a little over a week ago. Managed gets releases every 4 weeks as opposed to every 2 weeks in SaaS so if you are using Managed you can expect that once Managed version 154 is released.

You can see the released versions and when rollout began here. Version 154 for Managed is not out yet.


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