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Application Performance Issue


Hello Team, 


We are facing a performance issue randomly in one of our applications.

We did an analysis of one of the user sessions and found that an event took 9seconds, but when we “View Purepath” to further drill down the response time on our application is showing just 10.5ms,

is there a way to see where is the other time spent? We've already checked the analysis of the phase in the waterfall view but it couldn't help us to find the root cause of this performance issue. 


Attached the supporting details and appreciate your support on this. 

Thanks & Regards, 



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

@Reef, was this a single occurrence, or does it repeat frequently?

If it's a single occurrence, it might have been a TCP double retransmission of some sort. They occur at 3 seconds, than plus 6 seconds, which makes a total of 9 seconds.

Antonio Sousa

Hello Antonio, 


Actually Its a randomly repeated issue so it can be considered frequent.

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