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Funnel Logic for Split Sessions


We have multiple sessions where a user can trigger the first action of the funnel, and then move around the app until reaching 200 actions, which closes this session and opens a new one.


When the user triggers the second action of the funnel in this preceding session, our funnel numbers do not count those sessions, just because they do not include the first step.


This creates a big inconsistency in funnel numbers. Do you guys have encountered a similar situation before? I would really like to hear your opinions about alternative solutions for this kind of limitations.


DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion


This is indeed a probelm that we saw. Unfortunately, I found no way around it. what we've eventually done is to count number of activations of each funnel server side request on the server side and provide just these numbers.


BTW, this could also happen if the user waits more than 30 minutes between first action and the second one. Maybe an RFE should be in place to just count instead of user actions the number of sessions per unique user (if it's tagged somehow) that reaches each stage.