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Dynatrace agentless RUM using Rest API


Hi, I am setting up real user monitoring for one of my application using agentless approach and for best performance I am using "Inline Code" as my injection format from listed here -


Now "Inline code" method requires the JS code to be updated manually everytime a new version is available. So I am trying to use Rest API to get the latest version without updating it manually. I've created the token and assigned the relevant permissions RumJavaScriptTagManagement. I have 2 questions -


  1. How do i use the Rest API to get the JS code on my page? When i go to the application set up and retrieve via API - get this URLshashank_b_agra_0-1629210762406.png

    How do i use this in my application
  2. The URL above contains the domain name which is internal to my corporate network and does not have a public IP assigned. How will this wiork?


Please let me know if anyone can advice.


Best Regards,



Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor


To use this form of Agentless Real User Monitoring, you need to insert the API URL endpoint provided in your screenshot, with an applicable API token, into the build script of your application. This will then pull the latest version of the JS tag necessary for RUM.

Being that you are on Managed, this requires one of two scenarios:

1. A public IP with a valid SSL certificate on Cluster ActiveGate

2. A public facing load balancer or proxy in front of the Cluster ActiveGate, to then forward the request internally.


More information on this deployment models, along with diagrams, can be found here: 


Hope this helps!


ACE Consultant, Dynatrace Services
Dynatrace Certified Professional

Hi @ryan_ott  Thank you very much for your response. We do have this set up in our environment. 2 Activate gates with a Load balancer in front and 2 managed nodes to send the traffic to. A public IP with a valid SSL certificate on Cluster ActiveGate. But when i try to retrieve the snippet by going into the application what i see is link of my Dynatrace managed which is 


My load balancer with a public IP has a different domain which we call it as but it is not showing up as you can see in the above screenshot.


Do i need to modify the URL generated and change the domain from managed to the load balancer and then use the same in the build script? Will that work? Something like this - 

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