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Application detection Rule validates but is not working de facto


Hi DT Community!


We are trying to define application for certain Domain (one) / URL's (multiple) but we are failing so far.


Configuration: we habe multiple applications which use same domain but different URL's:


We are trying to define application(s) to catch them.


However, definition per URL (All URLs starting with ) does not work: If we use validation it identifies it properly, but de facto traffic keeps going to Default application.


We habe urgent action to do on extranet and need to deactivate RUM for it, so we decided to define application Extranet to put all of them in one bucket. However, none of these works either:


Domains that equal

All domains containing

All domains starting with

All URLs starting with

All URLs containing


None of them seems to work 😞


We have some other definitions based on Domain that equal and some of them work. 


Any ideas what is going on here?






Hi @henk_stobbe,


Thanks for the proposal.


We actually kinda found workaround by transforming the rules to the target host which  actually process the request (so solution as in the link above), but it is hard to see it as a solution becauce:


- It's not what we see in Dynatrace UI. It's domain name we see, not host:port. I am even not sure how to find the port if we do  not know it f.e. An on the top, extracting the domain to a new applicatino will not work here either, as recommended way in DT docs. We have hundreds of applications, each in multiple stages....


- It does not really scale. It will hit for us 1000 rules limit quite fast (as we have quite  number of applications to define and hosts to handle)


- It comes with high maintenace costs. If behind the LB (which is hinding behind domain name) infrastructure gets extended or replaces, rules needs to be reviewed otherwise we will miss traffic. 


I just wonder if we can "tune" bit more with, for example,  custom RUM injection rules to archieve catching directly URL's... 


Anyway, thanks for the hint!


Best Regards,


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