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Auto JS RUM Error - Managed


Hi all!

We are deploying the Auto JS injection in all the sites of the company. But for one specific site, once the JS is injected, site goes FUBAR with all real weird characters... will update later with an screen of the error. Site in question is " ".

Such Auto JS FUBAR only works with the Default RUM Application, if we disable the Default RUM and create a new Application with the rule of "if the URL contains" dump the metrics here, nothing happends, no auto JS, no FUBAR, no nothing. If we Enable the Default RUM Application -> FUBAR.

This site has it's own IIS app Pool and all other sites in same host work just fine... no problem.

Did anyone have some kind of problema like this one?

Edit: We monitor the IIS Pool with out problem... but we just cant enable the JS RUM AutoInjector... without crashing the app..

Edit2: well other sites started crashing too. suppose i was gona shutdown the auto injection for now.


Services Solution Engineer @PowerCloud - Observability/CloudOps Certified / Former SE @Dynatrace.

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

The default app is a catch all container. That means all user actions which do not fall into another application will be visible there. It looks like you have created a URL pattern which is not matching on the server which does the injection. Most of the time this is because the domain name which you see in the browser is not visible on the web server doing the injection. It might be that you need to define a different header for the host name or there is another tier in front of the instrumented server which is changing the URL.

I would suggest to open a support case in order to get help for your environment.

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