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Can I calculate the time of staying of a user on a page?

Hello dear colleagues,

I was wondering if I can see, from a user perspective (with Injection RUM enable), how much time is spent on a page? (Not from a performance point of view [Ex. visually complete])

Thank you


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

If you look at any specific user session, it tells you the particular time the user triggered an action.

Does this help?

Eh, I knew that 🙂

I will be more specific, does an USQL exist for having such detail?

I have tried but without success

Ahh I see. You do have metrics for useraction.startime and useraction.endtime which you could potentially use but I'm afraid it may not be as straightforward as you'd ideally want.

My best guess then is: there is a way to export user session and to make more elaborate analysis with a third party integration

I will walk this road to see what I discover

DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

You could make a conversion goal or a custom property that states if a user is on page "x" for "x" amount of time mark it.

So then you could see that User Chris, was on google search page for 15 mins, on a certain day... etc..

You might not be able to get an exact number like 26 mins on that page/domain but you can say for sure that it was at least what you set it as.

Just an idea.


I'm not sure if that would work. You can only do 'time' based conversion goals for the entire session and not individual user actions.

I dont think the user is looking to get the total at an action level, rather on the page that the user is on and the total duration. im not 100% sure if you can define the goal that way, you might need to toss in some request attributes to use and make a few conversion goals. Incorporating the attribute would give you more power and granularity in the reporting aspect.



I'm running into the same question Yaan asked back in June. Was a solution found?

Hi, in the end the direct answer is no but the more elaborate answer is that you could do it if you apply a logic on the data exported on another engine (Dynatrace has the elasticsearch solution on the go in their doc)

Not applicable

You guys could try the PowerUp Chrome Extension, it allows you to do basic math in dashboards using predefined metrics. is not the best solution, not support officially by DT. But is something.

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