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Can we capture Browser Failed Error in Browser Extension ?


Hi Team,

We are getting "AW snap ,something went wrong " error in 1 of Application , but when we refresh browser we are able to get Application Page.

But in User Session(UEM) we are not getting any Error regarding this.

By using Browser Extension , can we capture above Error ?

Please suggest.

Thanks & Regards,



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

This is not JS error, but error in parsing content in browser engine. I think this may be hard to track with rum because in such sitation execution of JS stops and script cannot send data. I think you can try using browser devtools to record it.


Regards, Sebastian

Agree with Sebatian. In your case, I am not even sure if session-replay would this 'Aw, Snap!' message

Definitely not, since real user monitoring including session replay in Dynatrace collects data using the injected javascript.

Certified Dynatrace Master | Alanata a.s., Slovakia, Dynatrace Master Partner

DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend
You cannot track this error even with browser's developer tools as it is an internal error of the browser itself. Might be a GPU issue or a bug in the browser's engine.

If you need to find and track these sessions, I think the only method is to look for sessions which don't have some actions you expect they would have.

Certified Dynatrace Master | Alanata a.s., Slovakia, Dynatrace Master Partner

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