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Can we detect user clicks ( number of clicks) from a image link web portal.


our client has a web portal with just links from images. can dyntrace oneagent detect this images clicks and diferentiate each one with just the named href link cliked? we have RUM installed but cannot find the right configuration to detect this inputs, any help will be much appreciated.

tyvm !




Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

If each image goes to a separate URL, this should show up automatically. As an option, you could try changing the UserActionName that's used. To change this, Edit the Application -> User Actions -> Default User Action Names. Select "User Input" or "Anchor" and see if that gives you a better labeling to differentiate.

thank you, we have not seen this automation. these URLs links are not shown as usual or click detected as usual... we have other applications and this is not a problem. I think we are missing configuration.

Also, this is an IIS web application page, a single page with all links. no more purpose for this service.

any more details?

If the web requests are XHR actions, then you might want to change the 'Default Name for XHR Actions", which is just below the setting I described above.

I suggest you also look in the Async Requests and Single Page Apps section of your Application Settings to ensure you've enabled all appropriate frameworks and Fetch() or XMLHTTPRequests as appropriate.

we expect clicks on those links but none yet...

pls check this config

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

If you're not seeing the expected labels, try using the Anchor option instead of User Input.

If this does not provide correct visibility, it might be necessary to utilize the Javascript API.

This would involve you modifying your frontend content to call our API and specify the user action name as part of each click. I'm not sure this will resolve your situation as I'm not familiar with your architecture but certainly something to consider.

If you have access to a Dynatrace Architect, this might be worth exploring with an architect. Contact your sales rep for more details of how to access these resources.


If the images are all external and we do not have dynatrace monitoring that external resource, then you will not see them. As Joseph said, as an immediate fix you can modify your page to send a message to dynatrace using the JS API whenever such a link is clicked.
In the future, with the new session replay feature enabled you can see in an individual session where the user has clicked what, but the click event itself is not yet shown in the list of events. This is something that we plan to introduce in the future.

Hi Peter, is there any timeline on when individual click events will be shown in the list of events? Will this information also be included in the user session export?

We are looking to track user clicks per page in the near future and this information is key to that effort.

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