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Can you send data from RUM Browser Extension to Multiple Tenants (Environments)


We are introducing the RUM Browser Monitoring for a couple of our SaaS Services which would like to use Dynatrace.

One of them is currently on-boarded (partially) with some servers where they are on prem with a OneAgent installed on them in their own environment. The SaaS aspect ideally will be going into the same environment.

Another product which is yet to be on-boarded which has nothing to do with the first product (think of it as a different business group, different user base, different bill payer etc) will need their data to be sent to a separate environment.


Is there a way to achieve this with with the RUM Browser Extension?

The ideal solution is that when the GPO is created in order to apply the registry entries, it can include the two different fetchurls, but I cannot seem to find any reference to multiple endpoints/fetchurls in


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Interesting use case. I would have to look to Dynatrace Dev Staff for confirmation if this can or cannot be done. But in my opinion, i don't think its capable of doing that as each URL is linked to one Rule, to One Defined application to One Environment. You can link data from one environment to the other for a true one pane of glass dashboard, say have NP and PD environment Data on one dashboard. But i don't think you can have it officially report the RUM to both environments. 


Thanks Chad, 
I'll run it past out consultant as well as an architect to see how they would advise.

I can see it being a common ask where multiple teams support apps such as a O365 Team and a Service Now Team but want separate environments. Obviously these are just examples, but i used well known products to have a clear point.

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