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Cloudflare Cookie

Dynatrace Guide
Dynatrace Guide

Hi my client has been working to implement HTML caching in Cloudflare via a custom Cloudflare Worker. The OneAgent installation on our origin NGINX instances is injecting the DT RUM script, and also sending a Set-Cookie DT header that is unique to the requesting user. Regardless of the caching technology, this cookie should be stripped from the response so that it is not served to all users, and Cloudflare is doing this stripping automatically. What impact will there be on the reporting and capabilities that DT provides if we were to enable this caching and cookies are no longer sent with HTML? Is there any integrations with Clouldflare Workers that we could use to restore this cookie? If not, is the OneAgent RUM script injection within NGINX still a viable solution, since that will be cached with the HTML for ~30s, or should we look at some of the agentless/manual injection options for injecting the script?



Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

If the cookie gets stripped, the DT RUM script will generate it as soon as it is activated in the browser. That means you might lose correlation between the server side and the load action. Since you are caching in cloudflare you will not have a request hitting your nginx anyways, so that should not be a problem. It could affect correlation of resources that are loaded before the DT RUM script activates though.

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