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SLO creation for ACTION XHR


Create a quick application syntax for the SLO level. But I need to create an SLO for an XHR action within the app. It's possible? This is the syntax used for the SLO of the application as a whole:


(100)*(builtin:apps.web.actionCount.category:filter(in("dt.entity.application",entitySelector("type(~"application~"),entityName(~"MyApplication~ "),mzName(~"MyApplication~")")):filter(eq("Apdex category",SATISFIED)):splitBy())/(builtin:apps.web.actionCount.category: filter(in("dt.entity.application",entitySelector("type(~"application~"),entityName(~"MyApplication~"),mzName(~"MyApplication~" )"))): splitBy())


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Yes, sure it is! The XHR action must be a key user action.

One approach is to use the builtin:apps.web.action.apdex metric and multiply it by 100 (apdex as 0-1 range, so you will get 0-100 range).

100*builtin:apps.web.action.apdex:filter(and(or(in("dt.entity.application_method",entitySelector("type(application_method),fromRelationship.isApplicationMethodOf(type(APPLICATION),entityName.equals(~"My Application~"))"))),or(in("dt.entity.application_method",entitySelector("type(application_method),entityName.equals(~"My XHR user action~")"))))):splitBy():auto

The second approach is to create a metric for counting the number of particular actions with the satisfied apdex and dividing the metric with total action count for the XHR action. (that metric is available).

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