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Collect username USER TAG


Good night,

I am trying to collect the username logged in the application. Trying to use CSS SELECTOR however when I enter HTML and copy SELECTOR copies an ID, but the ID is dynamic and each user and session is a different one.

How to perform name collection.

Thank you.


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

If I'd is dynamic the question is if you are not able to reference to this element by CSS path. This is how browser is finding elements by growing through all elements from body to the one you need open dev tools on Chrome, right click on your element and click copy CSS path. Other option is finding such css path by your own using CSS classes of parent elements and the one you need.

Check as well cookies. If there is one containing user name, it may be easier to use it. The same variables. One issue with those two options, if there is JS variable or cookie with some default value before sign in of user, you will have all users assign to this user tag before authentication process. This is issue I hope.DT will resolve soon. There is as well eap for option to tag user session from server side request attribute but this isn't good idea for large environments. Because DT server may Skipp purepaths when there is more than 1000/min (for manage in can be increased). This means that not all user sessions may have connected purepaths.


Regards, Sebastian

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