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Component-level monitoring

Dynatrace Promoter
Dynatrace Promoter

Customer has expressed interest in component-level monitoring. Their business structure consists of teams each responsible for different components (or elements) of each page. For instance, this retail client utilizes a "Deal of the Day" element, a "Recently viewed" element, a "Featured Offers" element, etc. Different teams are in charge of different elements.


Is there any way to enable monitoring for this type of structure?


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

You do have the ability from a RUM perspective to set conversion goals to get data back on the users that access those components/pages/elements etc.... 


You can set up synthetics that test and validates if those components/pages/elements etc... are present on the page or not. 


You can also mark certain things as key requests that are part of the components/pages/elements which will allow you to alert on these items as well. 


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