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Confluent integration with Dynatrace


Hello All.

The general idea is to push dynatrace monitoring data from user sessions and application request attributes mapping to confluent.

Could be feasible integrate Dynatrace monitoring traces with Confluent ?

How Dynatrace monitoring data could be integrated on Confluent ? Are there any API or similar to be used ?

I really appreciate guidelines or references for this integration.

Many Thanks.



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

About real user monitoring, dynatrace is able to send payloads that contains ended sessions on http url. But in such case confluent should have option to understand those data and store them:

second option is using Dynatrace api to fetch data:

Here you can define USQL statements that will extract only data you need rated to user sessions. In such case Confluent will need plugin that will execute and ask API for data.

About Request Attributes, you will have to define them as custom metrics. Than you will be able to fetch them via metrics API.

This second link is related to EAP but this is GA at least in SaaS, in Managed should be available in few days.

I’ve never send such data to Kafka, I rather use ElasticSearch for such case, but you can always try 🙂


Regards, Sebastian

Many Thanks Sebastian, Really appreciate!

Hello Sebastian,

when you say "In such case Confluent will need plugin that will execute and ask API for data", do you mean it is neccesary to install some plug-in in Confluent?
Thank you very much for your help.


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