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Cookie Report


Is there a way to get a report of 1st party cookies, particularly those not set with the secure flag? We’d like to be able to monitor for any cookies being set that are missing the secure flag.


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Only way of tracking cookies is parsing headers in Dynatrace Request Attribute. But there you have rather cookie values than related flags available (I mean in Cookie header). I don't think such report is possible to make out of the box.


Regards, Sebastian

Hi Sebastian, thank you for your response.

If I understood this correctly, we can capture cookie value by creating a new request attribute but we cannot capture flags?


Flags are not present in request header that contains cookie... If I'm wrong this will be possible as well.

Regards, Sebastian

checking with our internal development team to confirm. thank you Sebastian. Much appreciated.

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