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Dynatrace RUM vs Google Analytics


Hey there...I'm reaching out to my fellow Dynatracers to get thoughts (while I research on my own as well). Does anyone have experience using both Google Analytics and Dynatrace RUM/UEM? I'm looking to compare/contrast the two products. There's some concern there's too much overhead to have 2 products measuring UI. I know the benefits of having Dynatrace - we can trace that user action all the way back through the infrastructure, but I'm not quite sure the benefits of having Google I was curious if anyone has experience using both and can explain to me why you'd want Google Analytics when you have Dynatrace RUM? Also, if you're aware of any synergies - i.e. can Dynatrace make use of Google Analytics tags to help identify/name user actions in a more business friendly manner???


We have environment where google analytics coexisting with rum because of client decision. Some far we didn’t faced performance issues because of this decision.



Just thought I'd update this post, with this article written a few days ago: