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What are the differences between AppMon and Dynatrace regarding apdex calculation?


We recently moved from AppMon to Dynatrace Managed. Some of our applications are experiencing lower apdex scores. One thing I see is that Dynatrace Managed has an option to include java script errors in the apdex calculation. I see that we can turn that on/off. I don't remember seeing it in AppMon. I assume Java Script errors was not included in the AppMon calculation. Is that right? Are there any other major differences?


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Good morning, Melissa H.!

The documentation regarding Apdex in Dynatrace can be found here:

Dynatrace SaaS/Managed uses "Visually Complete" as the metric source by default, and also sets 0-3s as Satisfied, 3-12s as Tolerating, and 12s+ as Frustrating. Additionally, JavaScript errors experienced during an action will cause the action to be Frustrating.

Dynatrace AppMon, if my memory serves correct, used "User Action Duration" instead of "Visually Complete" and didn't bring in JavaScript errors into its calculations.

Kind regards,
Joshua P.

Thanks! We did catch the "visually complete" vs "user action duration" and set that (as well as our response time thresholds) to match our settings in AppMon. It must be the java script errors.

You're welcome, Melissa H.!

Based on the information you've provided, that would be my guess too!

Kind regards,
Joshua P.



As far as I remember AppMon calculated connection speed as well. Dynatrace does not track user's connection speed

I remember we had the ability to capture connection speeds in UEM (AppMon) if we wanted to, which was cool, but we rarely turned that on (due to the warning about causing network overhead). Just to make sure I'm not missing anything though...does the fact that RUM (DT Managed) cannot calculate the connection speed impact the results of the apdex calculation?

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