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[DEM Android] Merge Actions/Network Dynatrace Side


Hi! i was wondering if there is any way (i couldn't find any) to merge DEM User Activitys from an injected apk from Dynatrace side.

Example: That interaction/Action + That interaction/Action + That Http Call = This Custom Action.

I was wondering since there is a need to avoid at all the manual customization for the APK and the automatic injections take the change from the status buttons (color change) and renderization of the viewport as different actions (as is right to do so). So we will like to "merge" different consecutive actions in a single one.

Did anyone have this use case?



Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

It is not possible to merge different consecutive user actions. But it is possible to aggregate events (like web requests and lifecycle events) into user actions. You can customize the default time frames with the properties DTXAutoActionTimeoutMilliseconds and DTXAutoActionMaxDurationMilliseconds (see documentation).

I'm not sure if I have understood you scenario correctly. I assume the following behavior for your scenario:

* "change from the status buttons (color change)" -> the agent is not able to detect color changes. I assume that this change was triggered by a button click

* "renderization of the viewport as different actions" -> new activity is shown or crated

In this case it should be possible to aggregate the two events, when the button click triggers the activity lifecycle event. In this case the agent will not generate a new action for the lifecycle event instead it will attach it to the user action from the button click.

Example: button click + activity start + http call -> "Touch on <button>" user action + two child actions

Maybe you can provide some screenshots of the monitored data for your scenario to avoid misunderstandings.

Hi Thomas!

The interpretation is right. Indeed is not a "color Change" but is in fact the touch action.


The screen is a user session, with the events that we are interested.

Both settings DTXAutoActionTimeoutMilliseconds and DTXAutoActionMaxDurationMilliseconds are by default right now. Will try a few builds to improve that aggregation.

The default value for the property DTXAutoActionTimeoutMilliseconds is 500 ms. If you increase this value then the "Loading <activity>" actions should be merged with your button click actions.

HI Thomas! i set the value to 5000 (the max) but it keeps showing as different.

Same as before, with same actions time (touch button and loading) starting at the same time to the second. But not aggregated. Is there anything else i should check?

There is no other option to aggregate events without manual customization.

If I have understood you correctly, then the two events happen within one second. But the agent is not able to aggregate them. In this case you should open a support ticket and collect the debug agent logs. The support team will check the time values of the events and the behavior of the agent. They will inform you if it is possible to aggregate the events.

Thanks @Thomas W. i created the SUP-22077 with the logs.

What i did notice is that the Touch actions have a duration of 5.01 seconds now. I assume that's the timeout parameter. Thanks!

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