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Not geting data in Elasticsearch using "User Session Export"



I'm trying to post data to my Elasticsearch database which is publicly accessible.

I'm following link and I've done the configuration accordingly.

But my Elasticsearch(ES) database haven't received any data.

Now the question is do I've to manually push the data (which I don't think so but if yes) then how to do that or it'll be done automatically if yes then when Dynatrace sends data to ES.

I've uploaded screenshot of my User session export configuration below:

Please suggest me how can I get data in ES or is there anything need to be correct in my config.

Thanks in Advance.



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

If exporting fails for any reason, you should see a yellow warning bar in the Web-UI giving some more details.

Do you see more information there?

Hi Dominik,

In User session export config I haven't set any basic authentication. My Elasticsearch is publicly accessible and I'm able to access it from out side of my local network.

Do I still need to set Basic authentication for User session export?



Hi Dominik,

No I don't see any warning bar in the Web-UI.


Hi Arpan,

I couple of months back I was having the same issue. Through trial and error, I notice that you need to use Elasticsearch version 5.* (I think that the reason is that version 6.* doesn't support multi-mapping type in the same index).

Also, I'm attaching the mapping that I used. Is important to create the index with this mapping before exporting the data from Dynatrace. Otherwise, Elasticsearch will assign the wrong type to some values.




Hi Alonso,

Thanks for suggestion.

I've downgrade ES to 5.6.


Just an update, ES 6.4.1 is also working correctly with User Session export

Is it working with 6.4.3 too? I'm using that version, but no data has been sent to ES



I've downgraded ES to 5.6 and done mapping as well.

I've changed the name of index from testDemo to testdemo (because index name should not be in caps).

But unfortunately not received data to my ES.

Are there any log of user session export to check of issue.

What else can be done to resolve the issue please suggest.



Hi Arpan,

I just recreated everything, and ES 5.6 is working fine in my demo environment.

I will suggest validating the following things:

  • Validate that the firewall isn't blocking the traffic
  • If you are using ES with X Pack, make sure that the user has the correct permissions.
  • Run "GET /_cat/indices?v" to validate if Dynatrace isn't sending the data to the default setting.




This is my recollection about setting this up and getting it to work:

- I used Elastic (and kibana) 6.2.4

- Test the url <public IP>:9200 that you set in dynatrace, making sure you are outside where the elastic server is located (let's say from your house or elsewhere). In my case, the elastic server was in the office and a coworker had to configure the firewall to route the 9200 port to the this server.

- In your elastic server, create the index beforehand, with the correct mapping. You have to download the sample mapping file from the dynatrace integration settings.

If you don’t do this, the date fields will be interpreted as numbers. You don’t want this.

- Set the dynatrace integration in your environment. I used the same settings you showed in the screenshot

- Use an application, like the demo Easytravel, to generate visits

- Last step: check elastic log file. In ubuntu the log file is located at /var/log/elasticsearch/elasticsearch-yyyy-mm-dd.log

Hope this helps.

Kind regards,

Antonio V.



I am getting these issues while sending the data to the elastic node.

Exporting user session data to the configured custom REST endpoint failed: Status: 405: Method Not Allowed - {"error":"Incorrect HTTP method for uri [/] and method [POST], allowed: [HEAD, DELETE, GET]","status":405} Code: 400 - Message: Bad Request

checked with support still, they are looking into it.

Please refer the attached snapshot shows the integration details.


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