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DTXDssClient not allowing to enter command to process dSYM file

I want to upload dSYM file to Dynatrace, I followed link and downloaded DTXDssClient but it is not allowing to enter anything.

Can someone help?

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

please elaborate on "it is not allowing to enter anything". DTXSSClient is a command line utility and you pass the arguments on command line:
It can be used to either only preprocess the dSYM files and then upload it to cluster in the webUI, or preprocess and upload in one go (token required for upload).

iOS help:

I am trying

when i try to enter DTXDssClient -decode symbolsfile=easyTravelApp.xcarchive command in DTXDssClient it is not taking input

i tried to run in terminal but it is showing below error

zsh: command not found: DTXDssClient

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

I guess you only downloaded the DTXDssCLient and did not add it to your shells path - so the shell does not know where to find it. If you are in your shell in the same directory as the downloaded files reside you can start it with ./DTXDssClient -decode symbolsfile=./easyTravelApp.xcarchive or from any directory with the relative path to all the files, e.g. ~/my.user/Downloads/DTXDssClient -decode symbolsfile=~/my.user/Downloads/pathtodsym/easyTravelApp.xcarchive - please not that also the path to the xcarchive or dsym file has to be provided.

iOS help:

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