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Differences between Agent and Agentless RUM approach ?


hi All,

It's one of the frequent question we are coming across these days when face devlopers. Can someone please help me with the key differences between the two approcahes? like Pros and Cons.

1. Does using Agentless RUM means are we going to miss any kind of metrics?

2. Using Agentless means less Overhead on the Application?

3. Removing the JS agent is easier with Agentless when compared with Agent installed Auto - Injection as it only disbales but the js gets downloaded?



Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru
  • You have the same metrics/values/capabilities no matter you use Agentless or OA injection
  • OA injects exactly same javascript as you would do that manually, so same performance is achieved
  • With agentless monitoring, need to manually insert a RUM JavaScript tag into each of your application’s pages, which can be challenging. Dynatrace OneAgent handles the insertion of all JavaScript tags for you.
  • Unless you use the code snippet option for agentless monitoring, the JavaScript tags embedded into your application’s pages won't be automatically updated when you change application monitoring settings. You’ll have to update the tags manually.
  • You can argue what's easier - removing code snippets from application (unless you have dynamic code injection capabilities), or stopping/uninstalling OneAgent without modification of application


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