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Using USQL "Loading of Page X" to determine how many users are visiting. Is there a better exportable value with API?



I've been asked by management to export a value from Dynatrace that most accurately reflects "How may users visited page "X"

These web pages are offered as IIS services. I've seen a few values in the Dynatrace application for the ASP.NET Service such as "View dynamic requests" and "View web requests " (under dependencies) for this service.


However we have been using the USQL query and then exporting the results.

select name, count(*) from useraction where name is  "Loading of page pageinquestion.asp" group by name


My question is this.

Is there a better (and exportable via API) value to show how many times a particular web page has been accessed by users over a period of time.

When I start looking at pure-paths I am getting down into the GET and POST layer, which isn't (as I understand) necessarily reflective of a unique "user" session with each individual call

Is the USQL call reflective of what is being asked?

I have no ALR enabled.. so I am getting a complete capture through Dyantrace.

Please advise and thank you !





DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

ALR is enabled for all enviornments, you mean that you've increased amount of purepaths for particular environment? I see to options, first is USQL and second is marking service request as key request, and than use API exports. In general I suggest comparing both values (use some time in the past because USQL is returning only data for completed sessions). If they will be similar for multiple time series, you can use them. Remember that event if you don't have ALR working on your environment, some of PurePaths may be missing because of issues during connecting them etc. You may see something like Unexpected service.


Regards, Sebastian

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