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Do "Container monitoring rules" apply only to full-stack OpenShift monitoring?


I just learned about the new "early adopter" feature that allows for the creation of "Container monitoring rules". I am not clear, however, whether these rules apply only to Full Stack monitoring or could be utilized for Application-Only monitoring. I assume that they cannot be utilized in Application-Only deployments, but want to confirm.


DynaMight Pro
DynaMight Pro

That's only for full-stack, unfortunately, because with app-only you decide yourself which containers are monitored. That is, by installing the OneAgent into the image and providing the LD_PRELOAD env variable.

Thanks for confirming. I was hoping that it might allow DT to ignore data coming from agents that had been loaded via the LD_PRELOAD command. One of the challenges we have is that the same deployment templates are promoted through various non-production environments (DEV, SIT, UAT etc) and we often do not wish to have instrumentation on all... it would have been nice to be able to include or exclude based on the container name (which often references the environment).

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