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The fact that USQL only works on completed Session is only a limitation for now? or would be a limitation for the future as well?

If it would be a limitation for the future as well, I would like to raise a RFE for this so that product team can consider this again.


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Wai Keat



Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru
Completed sessions are moved to Elasticsearch which is built for the type of tasks USQL queries perform. Live sessions are stored differently since they are being updated still. I can't speak to plans or anything but that would be the reason why the limitation is in place.

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

There are no plans to allow USQL also for live user sessions.
What would be your use case? Why do you need it for live user sessions?

@Alexander S. typically just to have live data in dashboards. Some sessions are really long at our customers, thus you won't see the data in dashboards which prevents them to use the USQL results for real-time or near real-time visibility as advertised.

Just imagine a worker at a shop. His/her sessions are typically hours long (well might be split into several sessions depending on the number of actions). Until the session is finished and finalized within Dynatrace it won't be calculated into USQL results. This makes the whole queries to recent data unreliable.

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I was trying to know the current number of users accessing the application, so I use USQL to count the number of distinct IP to achieve this.

I also am frustrated by live session data not being present in USQL. I find USQL useful to watch activity, specifically user actions, while troubleshooting things like application rule matching... having to wait hours to see actions I just completed in testing is a big gap, as well as being unpredictable (given that sessions have different lifetimes).


Hey @Alexander S. We have users taht want to dictch Google Analitycs and ask for this possibility, since the dashboard of GA shows a realtime update for user count.

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