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Does Dynatrace provide an offline package of Edge browser extension for RUM monitoring



We have requirement to use Edge browser extension to monitor CRM agents user experience. Does Dynatrace provide an offline .msi or .exe package to deploy it through a Software deployment tool (SCCM).




Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Hey @Suresh K.,

just not to talk about two different things, are you talking about Edge (Chromium) or the old Edge?



This will be the MS Edge browser extension as opposed to the Google Chrome extension....

Hope that helps

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Well, for Edge we are currently trying to get the extension into the official edge store (since the chrome extensions seems to be transferable) and in this process are also checking how our customers can roll it out within the company. I hope I can give you an update next week.

Regarding distribution itself - check out "Distributing Extensions" in MS docs here:

Hint: (no official support!): by either using sideloading (and zipping the local chrome extension on your disk) or by installing from the chrome store you could already use the chrome extension in edge too for a single browser.

Thanks @Thomas Z. We will keep watching this thread for next update.

Thanks Thomas, this is awesome. Have couple of query again?

  1. We went live with installing Chrome extension on Edge chromium. Do we need to update our extension by downloading it from MS store.
  2. Does this new extension provide company wide rollout mechanism like Chrome?

Hey, the extension is the same, therefore not necessarily.

Should you want to roll it out company wide and as of now I can only offer you this:

We already plan to try a company wide roll-out ourselves in the upcoming weeks, which we haven't because we first needed it to be published to the official store (which it now finally is).




@Thomas Z. Is there an update on this? Rolling out the new edge browser (Chromium) extension company wide. Any timeline would be helpful.

Hey would love to say yes but progress is very slow with this. Nevertheless, I am still on it and haven't forgotten you!

Hi, Thanks for the update. We will wait for further communication. We are trying to user Chrome extension on Edge (Chromium) and it worked for us. However, I want to check if Dynatrace support this officially.

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