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Does Dynatrace supports signalR ?


hi Team,


Any idea if dynatrace supports signalR ? on our website pages we have this library used and recently from August 3rd week sometimes intermittently we are seeing failures caused due to RUM js injection.




Are you sure that failures are because of RUM iniection? RUM is catching all exceptions in console log, because of that DT can show you whole exception messages. Such exceptions are thrown than by dtjsagent again so sometimes it looks like agent is source of errors true stack trace is from the moment when other JS file starts. It is possible that even without JS agent you had those errors but you didn't know. If this is incidentally not constant, it looks like what I said.

Signailir should be transparent for agent, you will se loading of this file, errors but nothing more as I know.


Yes, Sebastian!

Have opened support case as well SUP-30302 for the same and they have no idea about the issue. Requesting to reproduce the issue and provide memory dump which is not possible as it's intermittent. Please find the screen shot for the exception.


You can exclude all URIs that contains signalr path from monitoring on service side. I’m not sure if this will change anything but in such way you will have to validate with different tool or logs. Are you sure that those 500 errors are not happening without dynatrace?


Yes Sebastian!

After disabling the RUM we haven’t seen these 500 errors but when we enabled it back they occur intermittently.

We have single tenant for multiple environments including both prod and test environments. Is it possible to exclude the RUM monitoring for the signalR only for a specific process groups rather than global?


You can go to process group settings by clicking edit and there exclude RUM injection. That's all 🙂