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Why does the Dynatrace count up the session?


Hi All.


I have a question about Dynatrace RUM's session count.

Our customer uses the Dynatrace with RUM. However, the count of sessions is consumed more than expected.

I checked and found that the session count per user is greater than 2 per user per hour with the same application.

And I found the application sometimes opens a pop-up browser window. (the pop-up browser windows's domain and application are same)

So I think this behavior affects the session count, Is this correct?

And what are the factors that determine a different session?
(except the following link information. )


Best Regards,
Yasuo Ohnishi




DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

There are no extra conditions. Popup window shouldn't be an issue here. If users are not making 200+ user actions than I suggest to open support ticket


Regards, Sebastian

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hi Yasuo,

You should also consider how your users are accessing the application. For example, we count as a new session if:

  • user changes IP address (e.g. goes on VPN, or off VPN)
  • user changes browser (e.g. goes from Chrome to FIrefox on the same application, these would be 2 sessions)
  • after 30 mins of inactivity
  • after 60 mins of activity

So there may be "one session" in the true meaning of the term, but actually be represented as multiple sessions in RUM.

Hope this helps,


Hi Radu,

Is the "60 min" condition still valid? I see several user sessions longer than 60 minutes. I had read somewhere about "6 hours" but according to Dynatrace document, it is also 60 minutes as you mentioned.

Now I'm very confused.




Hi Sebastian and Radu,

Thank you for your answers. I almost understand the session count.

One more question.
If the user open the application with Chrome browser and close Chrome browser completely , and the user re-open the application with re-opened Chrome browser, is this case count 2 session?

Yasuo Ohnishi

If session isn’t timeouted and this wasn’t incognito mode in both sessions it should count as one, but if for example user will start new incognito cart he will start new session in license meaning.


Regards, Sebastian

Hi Sebastian,

Thank you for your information. I will re-check the browser mode of customer's application.


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