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User sessions query & Management zone

Hi guys

It appear that user session query is not controlled by management zone, is that a bug or a feature?

The use case here is a deshlet in dashboard that shows the slowest user actions in applications from the MZ.

When switching between MZs we see User Actions from application not belong to the MZ.

Any insight why ?

Thanks in advnce



Those queries are returing exact data that you're asking for. So if there is no filter in query to limit to particular apps you will always see full results. What you are excepcting is affecting queries by extra filter which is not implemented as I know.


The question is if this is a bug or a feature 🙂

I think non of it, this is how it should work in my opinion 🙂


Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

The user sessions queries does consider mgmt zones, however if you have a session that spans over 2 or more mgmt zones all user actions from that session will be considered. Meaning that if you have a session that goes to Application A and then to Application B and you have these in two different mgmt zones, all actions from both mgmt zones will be shown for that session. But if the session only goes to Application A you will only see those actions when applying mgmt zone A, and when you switch to mgmt zone B you should not see any actions from Application A.

Hi @Christian G.

This is a dam good explanation!

Thanks a lot