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Dynatrace RUM implementation on React app


React app is hosted as a static app with Azure Front door and CDN, I am planning to do Manual insertion, so i took JavaScript tag from Dynatrace UI and added it to the index.html in React app.

Scripts are downloaded from the CDN, In Network tab I see there are POST request initiate by those scripts fails with 404,

I am completely new to this Dynatrace, any Idea, did i miss something.

Note: Post request URL in network tab is http://{ApplicationURL}/rb_xxxxxxxxxx?.....someQueryString

How to config the report URL, also how to get that URL form Dynatrace UI


Dynatrace Guide
Dynatrace Guide

Hello, these requests are the beacon requests which transfer information to and from Dynatrace.

If you're getting a 404 then it's best to use a beacon forwarder to bypass your infrastructure as it seems they're being routed by it, these are the steps: Web -> application -> settings-> General Settings -> Beacon endpoint -> Cluster ActiveGate 



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