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Dynatrace RUM monitoring for Single Page Application (SPA)

Hello, I could use some help and guidance on how effectively can we monitor the single page application.

I have a SPA where we have the landing page URL which is a document and then the subsequent navigations are not loading whole document, just navigating within SPA but in Dynatrace when I am trying to monitor the session it is capturing that as a Page Change and I am not seeing any response time.

Screenshot below.

My question is why is Dynatrace behaving like this? Is this an expected behaviour? How can we log the response time of the pages?

Note - My application is built in Angular and we are using agentless RUM by inserting JavaScript into HTML pages.

Any advice or inputs are appreciated.

Best Regards,





Yes, this is expected.
You can try option: Prioritize load actions and use value of last detected.
it will potentially add load actions after Page change events(w/o warranty)
But in generally to capture true navigation timing you will need custom actions and custom logic.

In this case Dynatrace vs GA, GA is better. But this logic works  "as designed"



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