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Dynatrace custom chart to display Frontend Time


We would like to show Frontend, network and Server time for an key user action in the dashboard, I am able to use custom chart to display network and server time, but unable to find metric for frontend time, Any help ?



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Try user action duration 🙂


Regards, Sebastian

User Action duration does not represent frontend timing, user actions is more of a total of all (frontend + Network + Server ) time.

But you can compare it with server time. Actually measureing frontend time is not easy to evaluate. This is because it is not related only to front end performance but user device/computer as well. Charting this will not tell you if your front end is working well in general. This is why I’m building dashboards that are comparing server side performance and user action duration of the same portion of requests.


Regards, Sebastian

Hi Sebastian,

We would like to see below information in the dashboard, which is already shown when we drill down to load action screen, so I believe all the three values are captured in Dynatrace, I could see Network and Server time in custom metrics but not the Frontend time.



I know what you want, but even dom interactive measure will cover some requests time as well. Frontend time is result time counted user action duration - network - server. This is why there is no measure for this I think. But as I said this tells you something only in context of waterfall information (in my opinion).


Regards, Sebastian


Hi @Sebastian K., @Peter S. I am also looking for charting frontend time(client time). Please let me know what is the metric need to select (if there is one) Please see the screenshot below, I am able to capture Network time, Server time, only thing missing here is Frontend time


Do you try Usql + Custom chart ? you can choose what you need to chart "KPI" and take under control performance.

select avg(visuallyCompleteTime) FROM userACTION WHERE useraction.application =

to have Network, visually complete, and all other data.

Best KPI for me is User Experience Score. that take under evaluation other factor (Range click, Bounce rate, user session, javascript error) .. You can have fast server but if the browser handle the customer go away and you must focus on Bad experience to improve overall customer satisfaction.

1 not apply customer spoke with other 10 potentially customer about his negative experience.

Thanks @Domenico B. This is very helpful as well.

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