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Edge browser extension with Windows policies




We're trying to install a browser extension on Edge (Chromium version) using AD. In the Microsoft documentation there is only information about registry keys which we shoul use, but it looks like users would have to manually add the information about the extension, and they will be able to change it at any time, which we would like to avoid.

During the Chrome installation, admin can pass the information about the token ("fetchUrl"="https://{your-environment-id}{your-toke...") and about admin mode ("adminMode"=dword:00000000) in Windows policies.

Do you know if this can be achieved for Edge as well? Automated install and admin mode which will make it uneditable.



for us we just enabled it via the popup banner on the new edge (Chromium Version). From there the "Add to Chrome" option came up and we were able to add the extensions as desired. 




Yes, also with Edge it is possible to deploy Extensions (forced) with the configuration setting fixed.
Manage Microsoft Edge extensions in the enterprise | Microsoft Docs

Customer's admin team (Citrix) runs into the same issue, the Edge extension itself can be forced/loaded and is available. But the configuration is not been picked up. Remains blank and editable.

If the Chrome extension is used instead for Edge, the configuration (url) is loaded, and is not editable.