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Fastlane Plugin Symbols Upload - Error



I am trying to use the Dynatrace fastlane plugin to upload our iOS app's symbols for a build to Dynatrace managed. I am getting a consistent error when attempting to call dynatrace_process_symbols.

Error parsing response body: missing type parameter from URL ( ), failed with error unexpected token at 'missing type parameter'


In this instance the symbols path I am providing are to a zip of the symbols as output from an adhoc test build using fastlane gym. We would also like to upload symbols in our release build pipeline.

I've followed the Readme for the plugin and have provided the same parameters as specified in the Readme.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Community Team
Community Team

Hi @wesselj1 , were you able to solve your issue since the post? If so, could you please share the solution with the rest of the Community? I'm sure they'll appreciate it! Thanks!

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