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Financial Custom report


Please has any one created financial custom reports in Dynatrace? My client is asking for financial custom reports, but all I see via APIs are (hosts) health related metrics. I am looking for a way to create custom reports related to Internet banking fund transfers, Mobile banking fund transfers; Airtime (topup) Recharge and Bills Payments. Some of the fields that I need to pull will include: the transaction type, Sender's name, sender's bank name, Sender's Acct No, Beneficiary name, Beneficiary bank name, Beneficiary Acct. No, Transaction Amount, date of transaction, Financial Transaction status (Success or Failed), Reason for failure (or code of failure [response code]) For airtime topup, the critical information will be buyer's Account number, buyer's mobile number, amount of Airtime purchased, status of transaction, date. If the topup is to another beneficiary, we will need the beneficiary's mobile number as well. All these information are contained in the financial transaction data during a transfer, bills payment. If anyone has done such custom reports and display in dashboard, I will appreciate your inputs and guidance.



DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

With the new User Session Sql statements you should be able to craft a management/report dashboard. We have created some really cool ones that showcase response times and failure rates for key critical 3rd party calls. If you want to calculate money and financials, you can do this via session properties on individual apps. So if you want to see the amount of money users are transferring, you can set a session property that captures that data, then calculates it overtime and provides it into your report dashboard.

So the possibilities are endless. I would recommend messing around with it 🙂


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