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Monitoring BMC Remedy 9.1.x (ITSM) - User Sessions with Dynatrace Managed


I have the following challenge.

We have Remedy and our Business wants to monitor it with Dynatrace Managed. Now, we installed the OneAgent on the Remedy Hosts and we get metrics. so far so good, but monitoring user sessions seems to be a little tricky. Does sombody know how to get more Infomation out of the user sessions?

When i browse trough Remedy, i have as exaple the following URLs:

In User Sessions i do not see this "browsings" or any User Action like creating an Incident etc. I only see "loading of page /smartit/app/" or "loading of page /rsso/start and "loading of page /smartit/app/".

Does someone know how to instrument Remedy on a great way so we see as much as possible?



have you by chance managed it? i have the same requirement. Thanks

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

It looks like you will have to use user action naming rules for extracting those values:

When you will go to User Action Naming tab in Application settings, you can go to bottom of the page and ask to load all results of existing naming rules. you can than expand each od results and you will see possible values that can be used as placeholders for your user action naming rules.


Regards, Sebastian

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