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Find user action by name


I am having problems finding a particular user action by name.

The user action is not listed in Top 100 user actions in User action analysis page. 

I would like to mark this user action as key user action so we can chart the metrics however I am not able to find it and mark it as key user action.

Probably it is rarely used and it is not listed in Top 100 user actions.

I know there is a new menu for Key user actions but the customer has not upgraded yet.

Any idea how to find and mark this user action as key user action?


Thank you,

Martin Kulov

Digital Performance Optimizer


If you can find the user action in a user session, you can go to the waterfall screen for that action, click the "Analyze user action" button in the upper right corner.  From the analyze user action screen you can mark it as a key user action.

Nice one, thanks!


Digital Performance Optimizer

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