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Funnel Dashboard - Mask step (s) from the result

DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

Dear Community members,

I know you missed me :).


I have a FUNNEL Dashboard, but I want to display in the result only the last step.

Is there any way to mask the other first step (s) to be displayed?


Thanks for your help in advance.


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I think that what you want is a single value count, you can put two things to make this work

"Count" and "where"


like this

SELECT count( FROM usersession where"AppStart (easyTravel)"


This query will bring to me the count of the user action name AppStart (easyTravel)"

Dynatrace Professional Certified

Thanks for your feedback, but the number will not be accurate,

I want for sur the count for the last step, but for whome that are followe the specific journey.

Journey: action A, action B, action C
with your query, the count of (c) will be made even if the user wasnt make the action A and/or B whcih is not what I want.

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oh okay, got it.


You can do this with "and" expression like this

in this query you get what you want action A, Action B, Action C but only will show up the value of action C. 

SELECT COUNT(*) FROM usersession where = "AppStart (easyTravel)" AND = "searchJourney" AND = "bookJourney"




SELECT FUNNEL ( = "AppStart (easyTravel)", = "searchJourney", = "bookJourney")
FROM usersession



The result of the two queries above will be almost the same but when we use "and" expression we bring only the journey that passed thru Action A,B, C


When we use funnel we see the Journey that passed the thru A, A And B and A,B,C



Dynatrace Professional Certified

Thanks for your effort,

But this is not 100% correct, the case is more complicated than that.


The and, will count the journey A, B, C but also A, C, D and all other combinaisons.

So the result with and will not be equal 100% to the FUNNEL

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