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Hi Dynatrace, is there a way to be notified or send alert if the each user session duration exceeded 30 mins?


Unfortunately no, you have to send live data about user sessions to elasticsearch (or other tool), and there create such alerting.


Thanks Sebastian for the quick assistance.

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

No, you can't define an alert. What would be the use case?
You can define a conversion goal for user sessions lasting longer than 30 minutes. But you will not get an alert, you can just than filter for that user sessions.

Thanks Alexander. The use case is that the customer experienced some security breach and just want to know if they can use Dynatrace to track down all users having a session that is more than 30 minutes. And they want to be alerted to monitor those user sessions if there is /are something anomalies going on.

The only idea I have for alerting in such case is exporting live user sessions to external tool like elasticsearch and there validate conversion goal (as Alexander said). From that point you should be able to send alerts.


Hi Sebastian, thank you for this feedback. Will look into your options. Thanks for helping.