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Trying to do RUM injection but receiving an odd response from the 'rb' POST


I'm currently trying to do RUM injection and am running into an issue when using AWS WAF and CloudFront.

The ruxitagentjs is auto-injecting from the web server correctly and trying to POST. On the confirmation of the POST from the web browser to the web server, instead of seeing the '200 OK' or '200 apache' message we see 'FL(apache,NoCookies)'.

I can only assume the WAF and CloudFront CDN are causing this issue as going direct to server results in this working correctly.

Anyone else ran into this?

Any ideas what that response means and how to address it?

Support ticket already raised:



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

I think cookies are cut by WAF and this may be the issue.


Regards, Sebastian

Workaround for this was to manually add the domain in Application -> Edit -> Advanced Settings -> Cookie and Header Settings -> Domain to be used for cookie placement.

In this particular case the response on the POST 'FL(apache,NoCookies)' was a result of the domain inside the cookie only picking up the end '' instead of the domain ''.

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