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Hi Team, Our requirement is to integrate Dynatrace with MF OMi tool and BMC TrueSight (event management layer). Do we have OOTB integration package available in Dynatrace.


Team, We have MF OMI which is the event management tool deployed in the account. We have the requirement for application monitoring through Dynatrace. Requirement is to integrate Dynatrace with OMi for the events to be passed to servicenow. I am aware that we can perform direct integration of Dynatrace with servicenow, but do we have any OOTB solution available to integrate Dynatrace with OMi.


Community Team
Community Team

Hello Dharmesh,

Here you can find the documentation page with all the all environments, technologies, and versions supported by Dynatrace:

Both Micro Focus Operations Bridge Manager and BMC TrueSight aren't on this list (that is updated automatically, frequently and on a regular basis), so as far as I know, there is no out-of-the-box integration with these technologies at the moment.

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