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How dynatrace track user session when moving from mobile app to desktop browser or vice-versa


We want to track the user activity or session when user is moving from mobile app to desktop browser.For example , user logged in mobile app and add some item into cart but he did not checkout. Later if the same user logged in through desktop browser then would he be able to see the previous items which were in the cart when added in the app.

I have seen dtCookie and rxvisitor cookies used to store application and user information. Does dynatrace only set its own cookies or it also use some application cookies like sessionID or any other data to track user activities.

Can someone help me to understand this

Thanks in advance


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion


Dynatrace uses the user tagging for this tracking. If you tag a session with the same identifier on web and on mobile apps Dynatrace correlates them together cross the channels. Within the channel mobile or web Dynatrace sets persistent markers to correlate independent sessions together to single visitors even when there are no logins.

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